Thank you so very much for the loving care given to Don. Also, a big thank you from me for giving me time to catch my breath.
—Marcia L, wife of a participant


Mindset  |  Brain Benders


Brain Benders: The Brain Benders program of Mindset is a therapeutic program that helps individuals, along with their families; develop a comprehensive plan that aids the client in regaining as much independence as possible. Each session is customized to address the clients' physical, cognitive, and psycho-social health needs. We help families by providing information referral and a compassionate support system.  The Brain Benders program sees beyond the disability and helps the client take back some control in his or her life.  

Cognitive training consists of a variety of exercises designed to help improve functionality in areas such as sustaining attention, memory, thinking before acting, visual and auditory processing, listening and reading. The principle behind cognitive training is to help improve the "core" abilities and self-control necessary before an individual can function successfully academically.  

Goals and objectives are established with each individual we serve and are directed towards the achievement of lasting outcomes.  Personal goals and objective plans include: personal care, meal preparation, money management, community navigation, socialization, household management and resource coordination, problem solving skill development, physical fitness program, and psychological/behavioral adjustment.  

Group work consists of weekly support meetings, cognitive training activities, music therapy. Group work also covers learning how to use public transportation and working together to find the best way to destinations in the community. 

Mini and major victories are reached when each individual realizes his or her limitations and finds ways to overcome them on a daily basis.  Individual work is volunteer work that best fits the need of the participant focusing on adaptive ways for him or her to enjoy individual interest. These beliefs form our five core values that direct our mission: Commitment, Integrity, Empathy, Empowerment, and Truth. 

Tools/Strategies to increase independence for persons with brain injuries:
1.    Use gestures to enhance speech. 
2.    Minimize distractions. 
3.    Ask for repetition of instructions, repeat them aloud. 
4.    Ensure that necessary aids are available at all times (resource notebook, glasses, etc.).
5.    Encourage participation in activities that nurture the soul. 
6.    Book an appointment with self to recharge battery and seek clarification that information is correct. Have a consistent routine. 
7.    Double-check work. 
8.    Allow for additional time if needed. 
9.    Pace self. 
10.    Avoid talking too much. 
11.    Be on time. 
12.    Be orderly to increase proficiency; Clutter impedes and slows efficiency. 
13.    Conserve energy. 
14.    Write appointments in a daily planner. 
15.    Prioritize, schedule tasks. 
16.    Color code files by topic. 
17.    Keep a pad and pencil near the bed. 
18.    Use checklist, timers and alarms. 
19.    Use phone logs to track calls.