In a world of uncertainty, it's essential to offer our families a safe, engaging environment where the exhausted caregiver is able to rejuvenate and refresh for their next stint of caregiving. The family member they're caring for is safe and engaged in appropriate activities.

Look at our successes for 2016 - WOW!!!
• 28% increase in attendance
• 20,200 meals served
• 465 support group caregivers
• 35,360 bus miles for transportation/program 
• 485 volunteers served 12,000 hours

Elderhaus is the premier adult day program in Northern Colorado with 37 years of service in this community. Elderhaus fills gaps in needed support and therapeutic services for adults with dementias, traumatic brain injury, post stroke, Downs Syndrome and other challenges. We also offer specialized programs for veterans.

With your support, Board and leadership team strategies for 2018 become attainable. Along with sustaining our quality program, updating an aging fleet of six buses and two vans over the next three years is a high priority. Elderhaus’ excellent reputation as a community-
based program depends on a reliable fleet to transport to and from the program as well as out in the community. With buses dating back to 1997, we genuinely need the community's support to purchase replacement vehicles.

Your generous contribution to support Elderhaus programs touches many lives. THANK YOU!









Elderhaus has a fleet of 8 vehicles.  All buses are maintained on a regular basis        The extensive use of our fleet of buses enables daily meaningful community
and are PUC approved.                                                                                                                outings that keep our participants challenged and engaged.


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Elderhaus Adult Day Program, Inc., 6813 S. College Avenue, Fort Collins, CO  80525


 For questions, please call 970-221-0406.

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