I sure want to thank you (and all of your crew) for all that you've done to work with my father and to try to help and encourage him to make Elderhaus a part of his daily routine. Mostly, though, I must pat you on the back for what you continue to do. In these times of budget shortcomings and medical system meltdown -- within our fine society where many elders are parked and forgotten in “full-care rest homes” -- your very big/little place of work is a breath of fresh air, and a flash of comforting light for many families. You have got to be very proud of what you all accomplish there.
Doug F, the son of a participant




Over 2,500 families per year rely on Elderhaus for our day program services, which include direct care; recreational and social activities programming; qualified medication administration; mobile health services; and Medicaid application assistance for low-income and homebound individuals.

Elderhaus Recreational Activities: This comprehensive range of fully supervised activities addresses social, physical, expressive and cognitive areas. They will improve functional skills, enhance well-being and promote some independence. Our activities were developed to strengthen various skills, including counting, auditory-processing, sensory exploration/integration, attention and concentration, motor skills, mobility, cognitive functioning, as well as increase affiliation with other people and provide an opportunity for self expression. Elderhaus activities include:   

•    Fitness training at a local fitness center benefits all aspects of health: physical, mental, social and emotional.
•    Dance classes promote balance, coordination and physical strength.
•    Artistic therapy promotes healing and well being through the use of drawing, painting and texture creations.
•    Bowling, billiards and games combines' fun with exercise and socialization.
•    Organized sports tournaments encourage friendly competition, strength, endurance and coordination.
•    Lunch outings promote socialization for clients, as well as awareness and acceptance of this special group of people
       within the community.

•    Community events and movies are a fun social outing.
•    Quilting, one of the many crafts offered, promotes hand/eye coordination.
•    Group activities are an important aspect of socialization, peer support and encouragement.
•    Red Hat Society
•    Life’s Transition Group

Calendars - These calendars summarize the activities of each group within our program

Mindset Activities Club

Mindset Therapeutic Activities: Our Mindset Creative Community Resources is a high-energy program that offers diverse activities to enhance the lives of adults with disabilities. Age of the clients typically ranges from 18 to 75 years. To learn more, please visit the Mindset page.