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Elderhaus, including Mindset, is excited to share the progress on our new facility with our families, donors, and followers. 

In June, 2014, we were able to fulfill a 10 year dream of having a new facility to consolidate Elderhaus and Mindset with the purchase of a piece of property. 

This campus, formally called the Cottonwood Club which had been a restaurant and event center at 6813 S. College Avenue, contains two buildings and an expansive parking lot on a secluded 2 acre lot only a block west of US 287.   With over 11,000 square feet, this location will give us room to bring Elderhaus and Mindset together as well as expand both programs to meet the needs of the community.   We are so excited to share this dream with you! 

This website will be used to keep you updated on construction progress as we advance toward our move in date of March 1, 2016.  

The auxilliary building will become our Occupational Therapy office. 

There was a fully furnished commercial kitchen included, complete with more plates and glassware than we could ever use.

The restaurant seating areas will be ideal to become our program areas.

A finished basement will become our exercise and art centers, along with staff offices.

The dining room and buffet area will become the new Elderhaus/Mindset dining room.

A beautiful back yard patio area will be ideal for outdoor activities with  million dollar view!

Volunteers did hundreds of hours of landscape cleanup, fencing, inside cleanup, inventorying, and demolition in preparation for our contractor, Heath Construction, to begin work on the remodel.  The building remodel is complete, thanks to Heath and numerous other contractors.  We are finalizing the legal documents with the city in anticipation of moving in very soon.   Below is a picture history of the remodel progress.

This is the temporary sign to look for as you approach our new property.   It is on the west side of College Avenue about 1/4 mile south of Trilby.  It has been updated to no longer say "Future Home".  

This is the temporary sign to look for as you approach our new property.   It is on the west side of College Avenue about 1/4 mile south of Trilby.

The dining room was gutted by volunteers and made ready for the contractor.

With the door and passthrough cut in the kitchen wall and the "art wall" roughed in, our dining room is starting to take shape.

Drywall is going up on the "art wall" separating the entry from the dining room.

Walls and beams are painted, lighting is in, new skylights.  Looking almost ready.

A lounge area will become new ADA compliant bathrooms.

Now with the sewer lines roughed in and a subfloor installed.  Beginning to look more like a bathroom.

The bathroom floor has now been built and walls framed ready for the plumbers to do rough in. 

The walls are in, the floor is in, and the partitions are set.  Looking like a real bathroom except for fixtures.

This room will become home to Eagle's Club.

Had to add a closet for the fire sprinkler riser in this room.

Saturday afternoon painting of the windows in Eagle's club by Elderhaus staff.

Walls, ceilings and beams painted.  Lighting in.  Flooring underlayment in.  Getting close.

A new bathroom and nurse's station have been framed in now next to the Eagle's Club room.

The bathroom and shower between Eagle's club and the nurse's station.

The site coordinator for Elderhaus now has an office defined that will have visibility of the south end of the building. 

It now looks much more like an office!

The kitchen has been gutted, asbestos removed, and is ready to be transformed.  Nora, our nutrition manager, can't wait!

The passthrough and door from kitchen to dining room is cut - delicious smells of fresh baking will make their way to the dining area.

New sewer lines were installed and new concrete poured.  The framing for the bathroom for Mindset can be seen here.

The new hood is now installed.

Kitchen walls are painted, the ducting is in and almost ready for final ceiling and flooring.

The north end of the building will become our Mindset program area. 

It is flexible in use and will have its own entry for bus loading. There is a new sidewalk for that.

The entry room for Mindset is getting a facelift, but we kept the fireplace.

Mindset program area is almost ready for carpet!

The Mindset site coordinator's office will have a great view of what is happening.

The Mindset entry is also almost ready for laminate flooring. 

The flat roof over the kitchen is being repaired.  The HVAC units mounted on the roof were removed and put back with a crane.  Ken Houzel, our Elderhaus maintenance technician, got them all reattached and functional.   Thanks, Ken!

The hole is cut in the floor where the elevator will be going and the pit is being dug by hand.  Dirt came up in 2 gallon buckets - over 1000 bucket loads!  This pile is only a small portion of the total.

One of the hazards of remodels is finding unexpected things - a steel I-beam and a sewer line going through the elevator shaft!  These things challenge our budget for sure.

The elevator shaft has been constructed, ready for the elevator mechanism.  Have you seen our video "Bungee Jumping Seniors?"  Check it out. 

The elevator shaft extends above the roofline.  It is waiting for stucco so the roof can be finished and made watertight.

The elevator car is installed!  Yeah! 

The conference room is going to be next to the elevator, with an outside door access.  Great for small meetings.

The old bar from the restaurant will be converted to a coffee and nutrition bar for morning light breakfast and afternoon snacks.

The new nutrition bar framing is installled.  Smell that morning coffee!!

The cafe is taking shape with painting and lighting mostly done.

Can you believe that this will soon be Joanne's and Reesa's office?

The door and windows in the director's office from the lobby are now cut and all the plumbing removed. Looking more like an office every day.

How exciting.  Drywall was delivered 6/26.  It will begin to change fast when this starts going up.

The shared office is now looking like an office, with great visibility all around. 

The downstairs framing is coming along after filling in concrete for new sewer lines.  The art room next to the elevator, the exercise room, and the downstairs restrooms are all taking shape.

The Occupational Therapy cottage is taking shape with an office area framed in.  This will include a training kitchen, training laundry area, and plenty of space for OT activities, plus our accounting department offices.

The drywall in the office for our accountants has started and it begins to look like an office.

The bathroom in the OT cottage has a new door and is ready for plumbing and electric before being drywalled.

Drywall in the OT kitchen area is being installed.

The electrical line had to be replaced going out to the OT cottage.  This has been done and the trench has been filled on the driveway to allow traffic.

The OT cottage has a new coat of paint thanks to volunteers, board members, and staff who spent a Saturday sprucing it up.  Thanks all!

The American Baptist Church of Fort Collins donated the materials and volunteers from the church and others built the fence on Make a Difference Day 2014.

The grape vines got a haircut this spring and are now filling back in with hopefully a healthier vine.   Thanks to volunteers for weeding and mulching the area.

We are so excited to see the progress.  Please let us know if you would like to see the facility or volunteer to help transform it.