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Eat Out for Elderhaus
February 15, 2016
Nordy's BBQ

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Help us stop seniors from
Bungee Jumping! 
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to help us pay for our new facility.
Construction is in progress!
Watch  on the web the remodelling progress of our
new facility at 6813 S. College Avenue.
Construction is almost complete on our new facility.  We are finalizing the legal filings with the city and completing the last tasks on the remodel.  The facility is beautiful and we look forward to announcing a move in date soon.    





 Celebrating over 35 years of service to Larimer County and Colorado

Mission:  Provide holistic and therapeutic daytime care to seniors and adults with disabilities in a safe, engaging environment tailored to their needs.

Vision:  Our participants, whether seniors or adults over 18 years old with disabilities and including all income levels, have an engaging, safe daytime environment that fosters an enhanced sense of self and of community belonging.  Our caregivers have the freedom to adjust to their new normal, be productive, and experience less stress.